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You’ve probably already encountered the terms usable area, floor area, living area… Let’s make them a bit clearer! Let’s start with usable area.

Usable area is the sum of the sizes of the individual rooms. It does not include balconies, loggias, cellars, terraces, etc. Usable area is measured inside the interior walls, but does not include structural surfaces (supports, columns, shafts, chimneys, etc.), passageways (elevators, escalators, stairwells, etc.) and areas where heating and air conditioning equipment or energy generators are located.

For floor area, it is simple – add up all the area that is inside the external structures of the dwelling, including partitions. This means that the floor area is the floor plan area of the dwelling including all vertical walls and other structures (load-bearing and non-load-bearing). The floor area is greater than the living and usable area.

The living area is determined by Decree No 137/1998 Coll. For the living area, add the size of all habitable rooms. It does not include the area of the bathroom or toilet, nor does it logically include the pantry, balcony, loggia, terrace or cellar. A habitable room is a part of the dwelling that meets the requirements prescribed by the Decree, i.e. it is intended for permanent living and has a floor area of at least 8 m². If the dwelling consists of a single habitable room, it must have a floor area of at least 16 m².

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