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Real estate matters are associated with many organizational and administrative requirements. The good news is that as your real estate agent, I can take care of most of these worries for you. I always keep a certain volume of sales and rentals to ensure that I can not only take care of them with maximum commitment, but also solve all of them quickly, efficiently and safely as possible. Defending your interests is my priority.

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What Can i help you with?

Real estate value estimate

Based on experience, data and knowledge of the market, I will propose the optimal selling price of your property. Thanks to this, your offer will be competitive and attractive to potential buyers. Also using a correctly chosen sales strategy, the final sale price will often be even higher.

Legal services

In addition to all contractual documentation and financial custody, our partner law firm Grinacová & Šulz provides the highest quality legal advice. Thanks to many years of experience, our partners can handle even the most complex real estate cases. So, rest assured that the whole process will be in complete order from a legal point of view.

Real estate promotion

A high-quality property presentation is one of the foundations of a successful sale or rental. I will provide professional home staging, photo shoot, 3D scans and video tour of the property, including drone footage. I will then use these materials for advertising on all real estate websites and for marketing on social networks. Another addition is the creation of other promotional materials such as advertising banners, brochures and flyers along to the coordination of tours of the property itself.

Sale, rent or property search

Whether you want to sell, rent or buy real estate, I will ensure optimal conditions for you. I will find the most suitable buyer or tenant for your property. Or I will search for a property to buy according to your liking. I will guide you through the entire process, from determining the ideal price, legal and mortgage matters through to the property inspection. Buying and selling real estate is a serious step; therefore, make sure that you eliminate the potential risk of hidden deficiencies in a property so that you don’t end up buying a “money pit”.

Professional consultation and financial advice

As part of professional consultancy, I will be happy to help you solve any matters from the real estate market, including mortgage issues. At RE/MAX Atrium, we cooperate with the vast majority of banks in the Czech Republic. Thanks to this, I will find the ideal solution for you, whether you are employed or self-employed.

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