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A 3+1 apartment in Ceska Lipa with own workshop for sale

Svatopluka Čecha 2122, 470 01 Česká Lípa 1
  • 64.4 m2
2.900.000 CZK
For sale
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  • A 3+1 apartment in Ceska Lipa with own workshop for sale

Real estate description

Hello there!

Are you thinking of moving from a smaller place to a bigger one, thinking you’d like to just grab your bags and start living? Then you have just stumbled upon the ideal property waiting for you in Svatopluka Cecha street in Ceska Lipa!

The 3+1 apartment is located on the first floor of a brick building without a lift. The complete reconstruction has been taken care of with proper care, so you can just move in peacefully and start a new chapter of your lives. You will be pleased with the natural brightness of the apartment, the absolute quietness of the location and along with that plenty of parking space near the house.

DIYers will really come into their own here, because the basement, which will become your private property, has been converted into a full-fledged workshop where you can let your imagination run wild, even in the case of your own inventions.

The approximate dimensions of the individual rooms can be seen in the attached floor plan.

The payment schedule (currently there are four people living in the apartment) is set at 3.698 CZK. The billing for 2023 ended in an overpayment. The current electricity bill is set at 1.520/CZK month (also overpaid). Water heating and heating of the apartment is solved by a separate gas boiler. The advance payment for gas is 3.440 CZK (also in this case there was an overpayment).

The house is built of hollow brick panels (blocks). For this reason, the Land Registry website mentions that the house is built of panels. The HOA is debt free and has savings in the higher ranks (specific information with the broker).

The house has gradually undergone revitalization and in the future it is being considered to insulate the house using grants.

You can find documents related to the property in the Download Section.

Ceska Lipa is a historic town located in the Liberec Region on the Ploucnice River. There are many kindergartens, primary and secondary schools and the town also has complete civic amenities. It is thus an ideal home for families, where there is certainly no shortage of entertainment. And if you like to explore interesting places, Ceska Lipa offers many of them. Whether it’s the water castle Lipy or a number of churches or the Museum of National History.

So, if you are tempted by the idea of a new home, don’t hesitate to contact a broker at 603 928 019 or use the contact form. We will be looking forward to seeing you in person!

A separate renovated garage located right next to the apartment building can be added to the apartment for 500.000 CZK.

For viewings, please use the form or call the phone number above.

The property can be financed with a mortgage loan. We will be happy to help you with its arrangement.

The energy performance class of the building according to PENB is “D”, i.e. “less efficient”.

The owners reserve the right to select buyer(s) based on their chosen criteria.

Key facts

  • Address: Svatopluka Čecha 2122, 470 01 Česká Lípa 1
  • Usable area: 64.4 m2
  • Floor area: 76 m2




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