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Sale of a spacious 3+1 apartment in its original condition in Votice town near Benesov

Dr. E. Beneše 550, 259 01 Votice
  • 83 m2
  • 2
  • 1
2.999.000 CZK
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  • Sale of a spacious 3+1 apartment in its original condition in Votice town near Benesov

Real estate description

Hello there!

are you looking for an apartment in the central Bohemian region that you would adjust to your own imagination? Then you just found such a place! In the town of Votice near Benesov town, a 3+1 apartment is waiting for you, which you will be able to renovate exactly according to your likings. Or maybe just adapt it to a really spacious 3+KK. In short, there will definitely be no limits to the initiative!

The apartment is located on the third floor of a block of flats. Its total area is 76.4 m2. The apartment also includes a cellar (2.8 m2) and a loggia (3.8 m2), which are not included in the usable area. When entering the apartment, we are in the hallway. To our left are a chamber/a pantry and two rooms. The one without a loggia is oriented to the north. The second one is also oriented to the north side on one side, but its other side is oriented to the east. The loggia is located on the east side, and the living room and kitchen are also oriented to this side. You can find all dimensions in the attached floor plan, which refers to the current 3+1 layout.

The apartment is in its original condition and is suitable for complete reconstruction. For those interested, we are therefore attaching visualizations of what the apartment could look like after reconstruction, including a possible additional layout of 3+KK.

The house is heated remotely. Gas is not used in the apartment. When the apartment was occupied by one person, the advance payments for electricity were set at approx. 440 CZK /month. All other fees (water, sewage, heat, lift…) according to the registration sheet from 2021, come to approx. 2.100 CZK/month/person. However, due to the fact that the property has been unoccupied for several months, it is appropriate to consider the mentioned amounts as indicative.

In Votice there are, for example, a kindergarten and a primary school, a Penny market, Lidl, a butcher’s shop on the town square, a medical facility, a library, a cinema and a sports complex. On the other hand, there is a lot of greenery in the area. For work, you can commute to, for example, Benesov and its surroundings, or to more distant Prague, which can be reached in about 50 minutes by car. So, if you are looking for a quiet place to live within driving distance to the capital city, then this offer is waiting for you!

You can order tours using the form or on the phone number provided.

The property can be financed with a mortgage loan. We will be happy to help you arrange it.

The energy efficiency class of the building is “C”, i.e. “economical”.

Key facts

  • Address: Dr. E. Beneše 550, 259 01 Votice
  • Area: 83 m2
  • Bedroom(s): 2
  • Bathroom(s): 1
  • Livingroom(s): 1
  • Kitchen(s): 1
  • Usable area: 76.4 m2




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