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As any real estate agent would say, we love this job because of its diversity. All individual cases are completely unique, because behind each of them there is a story, which of course will be reflected in the deal. And it was no different in the case of the sale of an apartment in Gregorova Street in Pisek town. The owner approached our office on recommendation because the family got into an unpleasant situation with the bank, which had to be solved immediately. Time became the biggest enemy. Since I am originally from South Bohemia and I am the only broker in our office who focuses on this part of the country outside Prague, it was clear who would take on this case.

The owner and I met promptly to start planning the necessary steps. It was September 2021, but the seller’s son was living in the apartment at the time and the owner had to leave the Czech Republic for a while. So we arranged everything for the beginning of October. And so, during the owner’s stay abroad, her son left the property and after her return home the first major preparations began. And there were not few of them. The painters took the apartment by storm, but they were far from the only ones. Along with them, craftsmen also participated in the preparations, completely renovating the tiles laid on the spacious balcony. But the movers had already managed to join in to take away the first few bags of furniture and many other items. Then it was our turn to work on a professional presentation with the team. So we spent several hours filming, taking photos and creating a 3D scan. And it didn’t take long before the first part of the sale was over. The second and even more important one was to start very soon.

On October 21st of 2021, the property went on sale. Not only was it posted on real estate servers, but social networks were an integral part of the promotion. In the age of digital marketing, they are a very effective sales tool. Thus, paid advertising on Facebook and Instagram was responsible for the advert being seen by tens of thousands of potential buyers. Viewing days were scheduled for 4th and 5th of November 2021 and before they took place, I actively communicated with all interested parties to provide them with as much information as possible before the viewings, so that during the viewings we could already focus on the property itself.

We set the asking price at 7.500.000 CZK. It was therefore necessary to highlight all the advantages of the property, which were fortunately many. Namely, the building is relatively new (the year of completion was 2011), the sunny apartment includes three covered garage spaces and the apartment is basically located in the heart of the historic town with rich amenities and a unique view of the Pisek Tower. However, the preparation and investment in promotion really paid off in the end. Six interested parties came to see the property. Each of them had enough time to see the apartment with all the facilities and enjoy all the advantages. All of them then took a few days to think about it before making their offers. And we soon got the best one. Since this time it was not only the price that was at stake, but also the financing method and therefore the speed of the sale, the best offer was the asking price and cash payment. If only it were possible, I would sell the apartment to everyone, but unfortunately this will never be the case. However, all the interested parties learned the final decision and we then moved on to the legal matters together with the selected buyer. And that was just speed!

On 10th of November 2021, the reservation contract was signed (in other words, the agreement to pay the blocking deposit). The buyer of course paid the reservation fee and already on 18th of November 2021 all parties met with our great cooperating attorney Hana Grinacova at Arbes Square (Arbesovo namesti) in Prague to confirm everything by signing the purchase contract. Then the application to the land registry was filed, the protection period was passed and on 15th of December 2021, thanks to the speed of the land registry in Pisek town, the transfer to the new buyer was completed. The seller could finally breathe a sigh of relief, because she had managed to settle all the issues with her bank, which gave her a deadline of the end of the calendar year.

And the conclusion? Everyone was completely satisfied. The owner was happy because the inconvenience was resolved and the apartment sold for more than she expected. She was ready to negotiate the price in case of an emergency. The buyers were thrilled because they had managed to buy a beautiful apartment for their daughter. Therefore, the handover of the property scheduled for 20th of December 2021 was in a really friendly spirit, positive mood and with smiles on everyone’s faces, as can be seen in the documented photo. And I can say for myself, quite honestly, that it was one of the most beautiful and clean cases I have ever successfully brought to a successful conclusion. I wish they were all like that!

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