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Office space of 39 m² for lease, Prague-Dolni Mecholupy

Ke Kablu 683/3, 102 00 Praha-Dolní Měcholupy
  • 39 m2
10.290 CZK/mth
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  • Office space of 39 m² for lease, Prague-Dolni Mecholupy

Real estate description

We offer brand new unfurnished premises for rent in Prague District of Dolni Mecholupy (Ke kablu street) with immediate usability. Altogether there are ten offices on the third floor, which can be rented as a whole or individually. The common areas consist of a hallway/lobby, where extra space can be rented by agreement with the property owner. These can be used for permanent installation of built-in closets, printers, etc. Other shared areas include toilets (women’s in white and men’s in black) and a kitchenette. Four offices have identical area of 23 m² and the other two are larger, each about 39 m².

The rent is 280 CZK/m² and the flat-rate services are 50 CZK/m². Flat-rate services include security of the entire area (NOT this specific building), maintenance and cleaning of roads including winter maintenance, maintenance of common green areas and services of the property manager. Thus, for a smaller office, the monthly fee will be charged at 6.440 CZK (rent) + 1.150 CZK for included flat-rate services. For larger spaces, the monthly fee will be charged at 10.290 CZK (rent) + 1.950 CZK for included flat-rate services.

Other costs not included in the flat-rate amounts include: cleaning of common areas, supply of electricity to common areas and adjacent areas of the building, and collection of municipal waste – mixed waste, paper, plastic. These costs will be invoiced based on actual costs and apportioned by the ratio of leased areas in the building.

The tenant arranges internet service on their own. There is a new server room located on the floor (in the future common kitchen area).

Parking is available in the parking lot in front of the area.

The security deposit is calculated as 2 fixed monthly payments including VAT in accordance with the VAT Act in force, payable upon signing the contract.

If the client wishes to make any modifications to the leased premises, it is necessary to obtain prior written approval from the landlord. After completion, the client is obliged to return the leased premises to their original condition.

To arrange a viewing and for more information, please contact me using the form or the telephone number provided.

Key facts

  • Address: Ke Kablu 683/3, 102 00 Praha-Dolní Měcholupy
  • Area: 39 m2
  • Offices: 39 m2



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