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Sale of a rough construction of a bungalow in Lodherov town

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  • Sale of a rough construction of a bungalow in Lodherov town

Real estate description

Hello there!

Are you tempted by the idea of living in a brand-new house, but you would prefer to adjust it to your likings? Then we have the perfect solution for you!

In the village of Lodherov a rough construction of a bungalow with an ideal plot where you can let your imagination run is now waiting for the new owners! Its intended layout is 5+KK. It is planned with two bathrooms, many storage spaces, and a covered parking space.

This place has a great atmosphere, and you can be sure that unforgettable relaxing moments await you here. To give you a little hint, we have attached a visualisation of what the house could look like when fully completed.

You can find all documents related to the property in the For downloads section.

It was intended to connect to the municipal water supply and sewerage system. The heating was to be solved by a heat pump. For this reason, the attached Energy performance certificate (EPC) mentions energy class B, i.e. very economical.

Due to the various financing options, where we are discussing, among others, the possibility of taking over a mortgage at 2.04% with a fix for the next 6 years (under certain conditions), please contact the offer broker who will give you more information on everything. In addition to the mortgage transfer, the real estate can be financed in cash or with a brand-new mortgage loan.

So, if you love the idea of your new home, don’t hesitate to call the broker on 603 928 019 or use the contact form. We look forward to seeing you in person for a viewing!

Tour days will take place on Friday 26.05.2023 and on Saturday 27.05.2023.

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